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Clinical Services

Providing clinical care, education, and research to improve the sleep and neurological health of our community.

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia (CBT-i)

CBT-i is an evidenced based treatment for the treatment of insomnia. CBT-i is deemed a first-line treatment by the American College of Physicians and American Academy of Sleep Medicine. It is a short-term therapy that typically lasts between 4-6 sessions and involves behavioral changes to help support your sleep system along with a shift in thought process around sleep. This treatment is completed via telehealth with Dr. Siebern if you are located in the states of CA or NC or by enrolling in which is an independent digital therapeutic that can be completed anywhere worldwide and at your own pace. 


When the body's system is reacting to significant amounts of stress which can also be at times when challenged with lack of sleep or a neurodegernative condition, biofeedback can be a good addition to help support the body's system and recalibrate some of the trainable psychophysiological processes. This can be added into your treatment plan as discussed with Dr. Siebern. 


This is only available through research in our clinic currently. This involves use of near-infrared light to help the brain stimulate healing and neuroprotective factors when there has been injury or disease. This is classified as a wellness option with the FDA. 

Sleep Coaching

If you are experiencing general sleep disruption and need coaching support for sleep changes you are embarking on you can schedule a sleep coaching session. Please note that sleep coaching is not treatment, it is educational and supporting the sleep changes that you are focused on making. In this process Dr. Siebern serves as a sleep coach and not as a psychologist. 


Acupuncture offers a non-medication option to help rehabilitate, neuromodulate and neuroregulate the body's system. In our clinic, acupuncture is focused on improving sleep and neurological health specifically insomnia, restless leg symptoms, circadian rhythm dysregulation, and symptoms of post-stroke, MS, Parkinson's, TBI and PTSD as well as general wellness. This clinic does not currently offer orthopedic (pain focused) or fertility acupuncture. 

Additional Behavioral Sleep Medicine Services

There are other sleep disorders that can be treated using evidenced-based behavioral sleep medicine treatments such as circadian rhythm disorders to include circadian phase delay (night owl), nightmares, and focus on CPAP adherence. Please note that we do not offer overnight or home sleep studies, diagnosis of sleep apnea or CPAP follow-up care, please talk with your primary care provider about a referral to an American Academy of Sleep Medicine accredited sleep lab or other referral for those services.

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