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Healthy Sleep and Wakefulness Starts Here

Integrative Neuroscience-Based Acupuncture and Psychophysiology Clinic Specializing in Sleep, Mood, and Neurological Health
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Meet Dr. Allison Siebern, PhD, DAc, LAc, CBSM

Dr. Allison Siebern, PhD, DAc, LAc, CBSM is a neuroscience-based doctor of acupuncture and sleep medicine psychologist specializing in sleep, mood, and neurological health. As a neuro-acupuncturist and pioneer in the field of integrative sleep health, she blends her training and expertise in neuroscience-based acupuncture, near-infrared transcranial photobiomodulation, psychophysiology, cognitive behavioral medicine, and clinical neuroscience to offer patients an integrative treatment approach.  

She has been working in the field of sleep medicine for over 15 years and is board certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine by the American Board of Sleep Medicine. She is currently an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at the Stanford School of Medicine Sleep Center, the birthplace of clinical sleep medicine and pioneering sleep research where she continues to provide didactics, conduct research, and is involved in training the next generation of sleep specialists. 

Meet Dr. Siebern

Services Offered

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Neuroscience-Based Acupuncture

Can help with:

- Post-stroke recovery

- Neurological rehabilitation

- Neurodegenerative symptoms in Parkinson's, mild cognitive impairment 

- Long Covid symptoms

- Brain health

- Sleep disruption

- Restless leg symptoms

- Depression

- Anxiety


Near-Infrared Transcranial 
Photobiomodulation (tPBM) can be paired with the Neurosicence-Based Acupuncture

Can help with:

Neurological health

- Cognitive health

- Sleep health

Sleep Medicine Psychology - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i)

Can help with:

- Insomnia 

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Healthy Sleep and Wakefulness Starts Here

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