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Fees, Insurance and Cancellation/No-Show Policy


Initial intake acupuncture session 60-75 minutes $150

Follow-up acupuncture session 45-60 minutes $105

Follow-up acupuncture session with transcranial photobiomodulation 45-60 minutes $150

Virtual cognitive behavioral treatment for insomnia 50 minutes $250


The credit card on-file when the appointment was scheduled will be charged at the end of the appointment unless the patient specifies they will be paying by another form of payment at the end of the appointment. Credit card payment only accepted for telehealth appointments. Cash, check or credit card accepted form of payment for in-person acupuncture appointments.  We also accept Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards for acupuncture and cognitive behavioral treatment for insomnia appointments. 



Patient pays the full fee for service at the time of the appointment as Dr. Siebern does not accept insurance or submit claims to your insurance company. An invoice will be provided to you for submission to your insurance for possible reimbursement. 

Please check with your insurance regarding available mental health coverage for cognitive behavioral treatment for insomnia (CBT-i) and acupuncture coverage for any acupuncture services. Dr. Siebern is licensed as a psychologist to see patients in the states of CA and NC. Dr. Siebern is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of NC. 

Dr. Siebern is an out-of-network provider for all insurance including Medicare. Medicare and Medicaid do not provide any reimbursement for out-of-network providers.

Cancellation/No-Show Policy

We ask that you provide 24 hours notice for cancellations. If the appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice there is a $50 charge. 

There is a $50 charge for no-shows. We reserve the right to not reschedule a patient after 2 no-shows. 

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