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Clinical Research and Academic Training

In addition to being a clinician, Dr. Siebern is a trained researcher. She serves as primary investigator on clinical trials based on available grant and industry funding in collaboration with academic institutions and non-profit organizations. Please check back for future study recruitment.

Dr. Siebern is also adjunct faculty with the Stanford Sleep Medicine Center where she continues to teach the next generation of sleep professionals about sleep, mood, and neurological health. Dr. Siebern conducts periodic grand-rounds and didactics where some of her private practice patients consent to have a post-doctoral sleep fellow sit in on the session in-person or virtually to observe and learn. This is only done with a patient who has volunteered and given prior consent and signed release.  


Create a more rested, healthier, and happier community through neuroacupsychophysiological care (a non-medication based sleep, mood, and neurological integrative care that includes neuroscience based acupuncture, psychology and psychophysiology).


Generate advancement and global access to neuroacupsychophysiological care through research, education, patient care and clinical training of the next generation of healthcare providers. 

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