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Healthy Sleep and Wakefulness Starts Here

Integrative Psychology and Neuroscience Acupuncture Clinic Specializing in Sleep and Neurological Health
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Meet Dr. Allison Siebern, PhD, DAc, LAc, CBSM

Dr. Allison Siebern is a dually licensed psychologist (NC and CA) and acupuncturist (NC) and as a neuroacupsychophysiologist, she blends her training and expertise in neuroscience-based acupuncture, cognitive behavioral medicine, psychophysiology, photobiomodulation, and clinical neuroscience to offer patients a variety of treatment options to improve sleep and brain health

She has been working in the field of sleep medicine for over 15 years and is board certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine by the American Board of Sleep Medicine. She is currently an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at the Stanford School of Medicine Sleep Center, the birthplace of clinical sleep medicine and pioneering sleep research where she continues to provide didactics, conduct research, and is involved in training the next generation of sleep specialists. Dr. Siebern specializes in sleep and neurological conditions using an integrative non-medication approach drawing on multiple disciplines and modalities to create precision care. She is a pioneer in the model of integrative sleep health and a national expert in the field that includes peer reviewed journal articles, national conference presentations and media interviews.​

Meet Dr. Siebern
Why Naturopathy

Treatments Offered

It can help with

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia (CBT-i)

- Telehealth (virtual) appointments for patients in NC and CA

- sleepfitness (an online digital therapeutic option for CBT-i available to anyone worldwide)

Neuroscience-Based Acupuncture

Auricular, scalp and electro-acupuncture can help with:

- Insomnia

- Depression

- Anxiety


- Restless leg symptoms

- Neurological rehabilitation (i.e. post-stroke, Parkinson's, TBI)

- Brain health

- Wellness

Additional Behavioral Sleep Medicine Services

- Cognitive behavioral treatment for circadian rhythm dysregulation

Sleep Coaching

- Available to anyone worldwide

- This is a virtual session

- This does not fall under the category of treatment but rather health and wellness coaching


- Stress management

- Sleep health


- Neurological wellness rehabilitation (clinical trial only)


Healthy Sleep and Wakefulness Starts Here

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114 Depot Street, Fuquay Varina, North Carolina 27526

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